Our research interests

The biology of neuromodulation

Our lab focuses on understanding on how neuromodulatory clusters in the brain, particularly noradrenergic systems, influence  cognitive and motor control of behavior.  We are interested in research questions that range from the basic biology of the locus coeruleus norepinephrine system through to noradrenergic dysfunction in different disease states. To answer our questions we use a range of electrophysiological, genetic, anatomical and behavioral techniques in rodent models.

Current projects:

Alcohol, stress and Norepinephrine aka Making it hard to think clearly

In collaboration the the Moorman Lab
Currently funded by NIAAA as part of the INIA Stress Consortium

Locus coeruleus, premotor cortex and behavioral execution aka Brain says OK Go!

Currently funded by NIMH

Our overarching goals are to characterize the neural and physiological mechanisms  that integrate cognitive and motor output and apply this information to identifying treatments for circuit dysfunction in disease.